Many property owners invest in a conservatory to bridge the gap between the interior of their home and the garden. A conservatory creates a seamless bridge between the two areas whilst providing a warm, dry, and comfortable space to relax that still allows you to enjoy the beautiful garden views.

A conservatory, however, needs to be kept in top condition in order to enjoy it fully. Your current conservatory might feature old, single-glazed windows and doors. The interior design might not be to your liking, or it could just be in need of an update. This is where conservatory renovation is needed, and we at LTM Building can assist.

How Can LTM Building Assist?

We are highly trained and qualified to carry out any conservatory renovation project here at LTM Building. We have years of experience in the building industry and boast multiple trades under one roof – carpentry, joinery, and building. As such, we can handle every aspect of your conservatory renovation.

Our expert team will work with you on the new design for your conservatory, and this isn’t just limited to the interior aesthetics. We can replace and reposition any doors and windows in your conservatory to your liking, and these doors and windows will be double-glazed for high thermal efficiency.

We can even construct new internal walls, re-plaster the entire conservatory, lay new flooring, and handle the external rendering, as well as complete redecoration. Our team can completely transform your conservatory with our renovation services.

We work to the highest of standards on every conservatory renovation project, tailoring the service to your exact requirements and tastes.

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